With over 60 years of experience in the field of Film & TV Production we can confidently say we have it fine-tuned!! We service News Coverage, Documentaries, Corporate Films as well as Features.

Our Founder, Sir Mohinder Dhillon, kicked things off as a Stills Photographer and led us through the age of Film/Cine into the Digital Era. He has recently published his biography “My Camera, My Life” which is on the shelves of bookshops worldwide and online.

Stepping into his father’s big shoes, Sam Dhillon, now heads the company with a very personalized and hands-on approach. Starting of as an assistant to his father in the late 1980s Sam now has over 30 years of experience as a Director, DOP and Producer.

Africa Is Our Beat. Not only is it our home but it is in our blood. Over the last 6 decades we have covered stories and produced documentaries around the entire continent and in some cases, beyond its borders in Asia.

Quick Contacts and Location:

  +254 722 701130